What’s Hot for 2015 – Crystal ball Gazing with a Top Buying Agent

One way or another 2014 has been an interesting year in the property market. Political moves impacted prime London house prices, echoing across the country with wobbles over interest rates adding to the general uncertainty. Taken as a whole, however, the news was generally good for property buyers, whether as owner-occupiers or for investment.

So, what’s the outlook for 2015? Is now a good time to buy, and if so, where and what? Here are some predictions from Black Brick, a leading London buying agent.

Stamp Duty Changes – What Impact?

December saw a sweeping overhaul of UK property stamp duty, bringing in a staggered tax band system that’s similar to the way we pay income tax. At the lower end, properties below £125,000 attract no stamp duty, whilst high end properties priced above £1.5m attract 12% stamp duty.

Expectations are that the existing rate of 15% on residential property bought by non-nationals won’t change.

For most of the UK (98%) the changes won’t make much difference, although London property prices are likely to take a temporary hit with the market slowing down. In the short term, some existing deals may fall through as the new stamp duty rate comes into effect.

Uncertainty amongst buyers is generally what causes hiccups in the market, so once the dust settles the market it expected to pick up again. In the short term, though, property values may be hit, with asking prices rethought and some buyers waiting until the New Year to make decisions.

Generally, the changes are good news for buyers at the lower end of London price ranges, with investors expected to focus more on those below £1m.

Buying in London? Best Location Tips

It always pays to notice which areas are likely to see the best return in the future. We’ve taken a peep into our crystal ball, and backed up what we’ve seen with a solid market understanding.


Which area has one of the best high streets in London, is close to Oxford Street and is favoured by the A-listers? The answer is Marylebone.

For owner-occupiers looking for elegant period housing in a highly sought after area, but without a Mayfair price tag, we believe Marylebone offers the best of everything. New developments such as The Chilterns and Chiltern Place only add to the attraction, so this is one of our top hot areas to watch during 2015.

For Investors

It’s a little surprising that some areas are overlooked in favour of their close neighbours, but when these come to light they offer rich pickings for those in the know. One such area is Maida Vale, where prices are very much lower than in neighbouring St John’s Wood.

Off-Plan Buyers

Prime central London will offer plenty of choice to off-plan buyers through 2015 and beyond as there are over a dozen new developments planned across the region. Getting the best deal depends on a careful analysis of each, taking into consideration the volume of units and the locations. If you’re new to off-plan buying, taking advice from experts can help safeguard your investment.

Despite ups and downs, and some major changes to the property scene, the outlook for 2015 is positive. We hope this small glimpse into our crystal ball helps you make some great future investments.

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