What To Consider When Browsing Lodges For Sale

There are so many lodges on the market these days it’s important not to get overwhelmed.
Popping down to your local estate agent or viewing online can often assume a certain level of
knowledge, it’s for this reason that we have put together a few useful lists to help you understand
and choose the right property.

First of all, where will your ideal lodge be? Although there are plenty of lodges for sale on
licensed parks, this is not the only option available to you. If you are lucky enough to have
your own piece of land where you would like your lodge, you can liaise with the relevant local
authority for consent. This is a really important step, because if you don’t obtain the appropriate
documents you could be forced to remove or leave your lodge.

For the purpose of the information conveyed in this article, we will consider that you have
decided to purchase a lodge in one of the many licensed holiday parks available around the
country. A Code of Practice for selling and sitting holiday homes developed by industry trade
associations is available for you to read and feel more informed about the process you will go
through in order to acquire your property.

Once you have chosen your property from the multitude of lodges for sale, a written agreement
will be signed between you and the leisure park operator. This written agreement acts as a legal
contract between you and the park owner and will ensure that the whole operation is smooth
and everything runs within the law. In this written agreement, you should ensure that your
fundamental rights are specified and clear, including the minimum length of tenure and the right
to re-sell your property when you feel ready to move on.

Before deciding on your lodge, we recommend you have a good browse on some of the websites
available to get a feel for the style and type of lodge you want. Some of the sites also offer park

finders, which can be really helpful if you have your heart set in one area of the country. We also
recommend you visit some of the show centres available to get a better idea of the type of lodge
you would like to live in.

Last but not least, remember to check the materials and finishes, just as you would do in a bricks
and mortar house. And don’t forget to contract some buildings and contents insurance as you will
have all your possessions in the lodge that you choose as your new home.
We hope you enjoy your new lodge and all the great times you will enjoy in this beautiful new

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