Wallet-Friendly Tips for Business Travellers

tips for business travelers

Business travel has been going under great budget scrutiny for some time as travel expenses as well as other associated expenses have risen over the time greatly. That is why cost-cutting CEOs want to save on money by keeping the expenses to responsible minimums. If you are a business traveller and want to save money on business travel to please your boss, then there are some excellent ways to save money without compromising your ability to do effective work for your company and the boss. Here are 10 best saving ideas for business travellers.

Buy Refundable Airline Tickets

Airfare can be really expensive depending on your destination, time of the year and other things. If for any reasons you want to cancel your reservation, you will need to buy your airline ticket from a carrier that makes allowances for passenger-initiated cancellations or changes. Some airlines do provide refundable airline tickets. The benefits of buying refundable airline tickets include:

  • Get a liberal cancellation policy

  • You can cancel the ticket with the former airline if you may find better price with another airline 

  • Peace of mind

Fly One-Way

It is true that round-trip ticket can be convenient and also sometimes quite cheaper but you are locked in if one-way flights become cheaper at around the time. When you fly one-way, the benefits include:

  • Far cheaper when one-way flights become cheaper.

  • You are not locked in a deal 

Look to Negotiated and Contracted Rates for Hotel Accommodation

The best deals on cheap hotel rates will always be those that are negotiated by either your own employer or the sponsor of meetings and conventions. Benefits include the best price, hassle-free and security, c mfort.

Stay on the Outskirts

If your accommodation has not been arranged by your company or the sponsor, then look to stay on the outskirts. You will save a lot of money by booking a motel room in a nearby suburb of the city you are travelling to attend your business conference. Here are the benefits for staying on the outskirts:

  • Best and affordable lodgings

  • Reasonable restaurant or hotel foods

  • Save a lot of money on your business trip

Stay in Corporate Apartments and Suits

You can save money for your company by staying in corporate furnished apartments or suites at much lower rates. If you choose this option you can:

  • Get moderate cost accommodation

  • Enjoy corporate amenities like local telephone, high speed Internet access and even a complimentary breakfast

Check Public Transportation

You can save a lot of money by using public transportation. Cab fare from the airport to your hotel will certainly cost you a lot. So, use the public transit nearby and save some money.

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