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Did you know that 80% of upscale apartments in India are Vastu Compliant?

From occupants of public office buildings to posh home buyers, people are asking just one question before moving in – “Is this building or apartment built as per Vastu norms?” It’s surprising to discover the 5,000-year-old Indian treatise known as Vastu Shastra is making a huge comeback in the 21st century. Well it’s still not clear how it all started in a big way. One thing is clear – from the mid-1990s, many people, especially home buyers, started preferring homes built as per Vastu compliance. And now, this phenomenon has many followers, from company CEOs to politicians. Surprising, isn’t it?

Why is everyone after Vastu?

Vastu Shastra, India’s ancient “code of conduct” type document comes with guidelines and sets out house-design principles to drive positivity. In addition to that, the ancient science of architecture offers remedial tips and suggestions to improve the flow of good energy. The essence is that if you are in a house or apartment with the wrong Vastu, there are chances of you having to bear with negative energy that can bring negative effects on your life.
Now, let’s find out what Vastu explains about various architectural aspects in a house.

Vastu for Entrance of the Apartment

As per Vastu philosophy, the entrance to your apartment signifies the door through which the vital life-giving force enters your house. As it holds a key position, it’s important to plan your house carefully. Here are a few tips for placing or designing your apartment entrance. First, the front door should be the largest door in the house. This signifies maximum space for positive energy to enter your house. Besides that, the main entrance should open to a pleasant sight. This implies it should not be facing wreckage, garbage or a repulsive sight.
In case there are unpleasant sights, then you can block the view by planting a green tree or guarding it with fast-growing ivy. And if you look at many of the Vastu elements, they do make sense. Such as a big entrance helps you carry your furniture and easy passage of people. Now, does it make more sense?
In Vastu, proper sunlight and ventilation are important for sound health of the occupants. When you move into a new house, check for provisions of proper ventilation and air circulation. Also visit the house during day time. It will make things easier for you to understand if there’s sufficient sunlight entering the house.

Vastu – Inside the apartment

A house with clutter strewn in most parts creates negative energy around everybody. Keep the apartment clean, and reduce unnecessary clutter in your house. And it’s best to avoid placing kitchens and toilets in the middle of the house.

Placement of the Kitchen

Avoid placing the kitchen in the north-east direction of the house. While buying an apartment, avoid houses which have kitchens in the north-east direction.

Placing of Water-storage tank

In the case of an apartment, it’s ideal to place the water-storage tank near the north-eastern corner. The advantage of placing the water storage in that position is a rich doze of ultraviolet rays. That will help in natural water purification. The simple logic of using a darkly coloured tank is that it can absorb sunrays more easily than lighter ones.

Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet

As per Vastu norms, the position of a toilet is important for the health of occupants. Ideally, it should be in the south-western corner or in the south-west direction of the house. This is because, wind flows from north-east to south-west direction. When placed in the right position, it will help in proper air circulation and not contaminate other parts of the house.

Next, the Ideal Sleeping positions…

Sleeping Position – North

As per Vastu, sleeping with your head towards the north will invite illness and sleeplessness. In short, it’s best to avoid sleeping in this position.

Sleeping Position – South

This position is highly recommended as per Vastu science. Sleeping with your head towards the south is supposed to facilitate sound sleep. Besides, it will increase wealth and prosperity in the household.

Sleeping Position – East

Sleeping with head positioned to the east will improve memory, health and spiritual inclination. It will also lead to higher concentration and retention power.

Sleeping Position – West

This is best avoided. Resting your head towards the west might bring in major health issues, and you will have a tendency of behaving violently.

Other Useful Vastu Tips

Regarding the colour of walls in the bedroom, it’s ideal to use light shades of rose, green, blue or grey. The saying goes that will encourage intelligent thinking. There should be some common matches in the style of furniture used in your living room. Generally speaking, the shape of furniture in a room should have fair uniformity, and the same goes for colours of upholstery.

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