Tips to Prepare your House for a Viewing

If you’re considering selling and want to make sure your viewers get see your home in the best possible light, stay tuned because the team over at Ocean loans has drawn up a list of top tips to help.

From presentation and functionality to simple things like aroma and cleanliness, there’s a lot to get in order – inside and out – when you’re preparing your home for potential buyers.

Kerb Appeal

Often one of the most neglected areas of the home, the exterior of a property is the first impression a potential buyer will get, so it’s important to make sure it’s neat and tidy. Viewers will begin scrutinising your property from the moment they clock eyes on it, so make sure the exterior is in tip-top shape.  Tidy the front garden, cut the grass, clear away the bins and recycling and even give your front door a fresh paint job.

Clean, Tidy, Clean, Tidy

House viewings are all about first impressions. And if a prospective buyer has to see past layers of dust and dirt to fully appreciate what your home has to offer, they’re probably going to have doubts about whether you’ve looked after the property below the surface.

Take the time to dust down shelves, surface tops, furniture and appliances. Be sure to check in the corners of cupboards and beneath sofas and beds, too.


Sometimes we become immune to our own mess, but someone seeing your home with fresh eyes certainly won’t be. Stow away any excess bumf into boxes to give your property a larger and lighter feel.

Finally Getting Round to those Repairs

From taps and toilet flushers to hinges and handles, visitors will be checking every nook and cranny while they’re wandering around, and it’s your job to make sure they don’t encounter anything that might cause concern. Small issues, such as a loose handles, aren’t big jobs for potential buyers to fix, but it doesn’t give off a great first impression.

Ensure all of your shrubbery is well kept, give your doors and windows a once-over, and make sure bins aren’t overflowing.

Ominous Odours

This is another element you might have become immune to, but someone who’s stepping into your property for the very first time will pick up on any unusual or off-putting smells straight away.

To keep your home smelling as fresh as possible, open your windows to let clean air in, put some fresh flowers out and ask a friend, family member or neighbour to mind your pet (if you have one).

Look into your Layout

Try to put your personal preferences aside and instead think about what kind of furniture layout will appeal to potential buyers and showcase your rooms best. It’s a good idea to think about your target market when you’re doing this – a four-bed family home is likely to attract families with children, where you might get more visits from young professionals in a one or two-bed apartment.

Play around with larger pieces of furniture such as beds, sofas and dining tables, and see if you can create the illusion of more space. Try to appeal to your target market by putting yourself in their shoes and playing on the layouts and designs they might want for themselves.  If your rooms are chock full of furniture consider putting some into storage – over-full rooms will seem smaller.

A Fresh Lick of Paint

If your walls, skirting boards, doors or window sills are looking a little unloved, give them a lick of paint to conceal any shabby areas. It doesn’t have to be immaculate as it’s likely potential buyers will want to put their own stamp on it when they move in, but it will help to give your home a greater overall impression that it’s been looked after.

Remember, it’s best to keep your colour palette neutral – so this means whites and creams, as it gives off an air of space to a room and makes it more of a blank canvas for viewers.

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