Tips to help cut house moving costs

cut house moving costs

Whether you’re renting or buying, moving home is a big project that can often involve unexpected costs.

According to research conducted on behalf of Ocean bad credit loans, one third of Brits who recently moved house underestimated the cost of relocating.

Of those who misjudged moving costs, the majority (26%) said they underestimated how much their removal company would charge.

Other elements that caused Brits to go over-budget included: buying takeaways during the moving period (19%); paying for storage (17%); paying tradesmen to fix things (14%); hiring a skip (11%); forking out for a gardener or cleaner (7%); and paying to re-direct post (6%).

If you’re currently in the process of moving home or have plans to do so, we’ve some handy hints to help eradicate a few of the most common causes of going over budget.

cut house moving costs

Removal van

Rack your brain – do you have any friends, family members or friends of friends who own (or have access to) a van? Would they be willing to spare a few hours to help? If you’re lucky enough to be answering ‘yes’ right now, you’ve already saved a substantial sum of money.

If you’re hiring a professional removal company, be prepared to invest some time into scouring the web to find the cheapest option available. If you’re worried about being ripped off, look for members of the British Association of Removers – who should be reputable and reliable businesses. Quite simply though, the more stuff you have, the more you’ll be charged. Remember that, even if you do pay removal men, you can still save money by opting to pack your own possessions.

Taper off takeaways

Takeaways might seem like the quickest and easiest solution, but if you’re having them every night the costs can soon add up. Whether it’s because you’re without kitchen appliances, are too tired from the move or are simply too busy to cook, there’s always a cheaper alternative to ordering in.

If you feel comfortable to, ask friends, colleagues or family members if they’ll have you round for tea one night – people are often very generous when you’re going through a big change. If all else fails, supermarket ready meals that involve little-to-no effort will save you some pennies.


The outlay will depend entirely on the size and/or volume of items you need to store and how long you need to stow them away for. If you require storage for objects such as sofas, dining tables and beds, it’s likely you’ll have to pay for a container unit of some sort. But, if it’s for smaller items, you could always proposition friends or family members and ask them to temporarily keep hold of them for you. It might feel like you’re asking for a lot from those closest to you, but that’s what they’re there for, right?!

Hiring a gardener or cleaner

If you’ve access to the property in the run-up to your move, pop in regularly and spruce up a room at a time. That way you’ll avoid having to do a deep clean of the whole house and hopefully eliminate the need of hiring a gardener or cleaner.

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