The Best Locations For Investment In Britain

The Best Locations For Investment In Britain

With a multitude of ways to invest in property throughout Britain ranging from traditional buy-to-let packages through to the new government-backed schemes, many people are looking for the best locations.

New-build properties are often seen as a shrewd investment by both first-time buyers and seasoned players alike, because developers can point towards new hot spots because they usually build in areas of growing employment, improving infrastructure and increasing populations.

All of these factors are important when it comes to making predictions based around long-term capital appreciation. So on this basis, where are the prime locations that might represent the ideal investment opportunities?

Limehouse, London

Properties near Docklands Light Railway Stations offer good value and have a quick take-up for both lets and sales. The combination of a recovering financial sector in the City nearby and the Olympics legacy of improved infrastructure combine for a good bet for any investor.

Rotherham, Yorkshire

More than 9,000 jobs have recently been created here, with almost £500 million of investment over the past ten years and the signs of improvement continue with a new railway station and 12,000-seater football stadium currently under construction.

Woking, Surrey

Good-quality flats, offices and shops, being only 25 miles from central London and with easy access to Gatwick and Heathrow airports mean Woking is a popular base for commuters. With a £250 million regeneration project under way, the future looks bright.

Kew, London

Kew Village is expensive but a short walk over the bridge to the north side of the Thames brings more affordability and still offers easy access to the railway station.


The history of learning and research in Cambridge continues to place it at the forefront of developments for software and scientific research companies. This means that a high earning workforce feeds a huge lettings market and yields can be very good if you make the right choices. It is also worth noting that as Cambridge has a globally renowned university, the immediate opportunity to provide accommodation for students is obvious.

Elephant & Castle, London

With an expected £1.5 billion regeneration taking place over the next 10 years and rental flats which secure about five per cent annual gross yield, ‘The Elephant’ is one of south London’s biggest prospects for short and long term returns.


Britain’s official ‘second city’ looks like it is about to enjoy something of a revival with plans for 1,150 homes in a new canal-side district at Icknield Port Loop and the Eastside area about to benefit from a £6billion redevelopment

Hythe, Kent

Only three miles from Folkestone West station, providing a high speed service to St Pancreas in under an hour, Hythe is famous for its long waterfront and offers a wide selection of new flats and houses.


With the Metrolink tram service doubling in size by 2015, Manchester city centre is becoming more accessible from eastern suburbs such as Droylsden and this is bound to create new commuter hot spots for the canny investor. Investors should also take note that Manchester has a thriving university population, which is always a good source of tenants in a region.


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