Storage Ideas to Help Sell Your Home

storage space ideas

Getting ready to sell need not cost a fortune in expensive renovations or home improvements. Mostly all it takes is a little organisation and a couple of days to put plans into action.

Clearing the Decks

Minimising the need for storage helps to keep what storage areas we have neater and tidier. This doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of possessions, but it does mean finding an alternative way to keep hold of those possessions we love but have no room for.

Self storage facilities are the perfect solution to this conundrum. They offer a huge range of storage room sizes (from large lockers upwards) on short-term contracts that often run from week to week. Whether you need additional storage just in the short term while you are selling your home, or you are looking for a longer term storage solution for items you want to keep permanently but have no room for, self storage is worth investigating.

Facilities are in most towns and cities, most often found along main roads so they are easy to get to, and offer ample parking for all sizes of vehicle. Not only that, pallet trucks or trolleys and lifts to upper storage floors help make light work of heavy items.

When you’re selling your home, moving items you don’t use into self storage makes your house appear more spacious because there is no clutter.

Using Ignored Spaces

There are tucked away places in every home that could be used for storage, but which are often overlooked:

Over Doors – Just about every door in the house will have space above it that could be used for storage. Simply installing a shelf over the door (the same width as the doorway so it looks like a deliberate design feature) creates an area to store books or, alternatively. a high display area keeping delicate items out of children’s reach.

Kitchens — One often overlooked area is the space beneath kitchen cabinets that are normally hidden by kick boards. Instead of having fixed boards, install a couple of hinges to create lift up doors and you have handy storage for all kinds of larger items. Candidates include little used baking trays or roasting tins, or alternatively those board games that only come out at Christmas.

Under Stairs — Depending on the location of the stairs this could be an open space or an enclosed cupboard. In open spaces, why not turn the area into a mini office or home workstation complete with desk or table and computer. Enclosed cupboards are often dark and cramped, but install a couple of LED lights and a few shelves and you have an organised space where all kinds of items can be stored neatly and be easily found.

Storage furniture

Using furniture that also offers opportunities for storage is a handy way to keep living areas neat and tidy. DIY enthusiasts could consider building a window seat into a bay window, incorporating a lift up top or sliding front doors.

A quick but equally attractive alternative would be an antique chest with a flat top. A plush cushion on the top, and it not only provides additional seating anywhere in the room, it’s a handy hideaway for electronic gadgets or kids toys.

Purpose made storage furniture serves the same purpose; for instance lift-top coffee tables or end tables that incorporate drawers or shelves.

Create Designer Features

Floating shelves are a fashionable feature in modern decor trends, adding stylish storage areas to every room in the house. Many traditionally built houses feature alcoves (maybe on either side of a chimney breast), and this is a prime location for shelving with a designer flavour. You could use concealed lighting and mirrors to enhance the effect.

In bathrooms, where storage is often at a premium, the emphasis is on space, light, and hygiene. Many of us have bathroom cabinets with mirrored doors, and by installing two or three side-by-side you not only increase the amount of storage for all the small bottles and jars that accumulate in bathrooms, you also create an illusion of space, and the mirrors work to cast reflected light around the room.

Clear, uncluttered surfaces in every room make a house feel spacious and easy to live in, and that’s just what buyers are looking for.

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