New Life Hums In Yarrabilba — House Builders Pitch In Their Hand In Community Development

In Bundjalung language, Yarrabilba literally means “place of song,” most probably for the loud chorus produced by the large collection of local birds that congregate in this place. Located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, it’s a recent urban development joining the list of suburbs surrounding Logan City.

Yarrabilba in the past remained largely undisturbed. Once upon a time, it was occupied by the Wangerriburra clan. In the early 20th century, railway tracks went through the area, trains hurtling past on their way to Canungra. The line fell to disuse in the 1950s. Before that, it was part of the military training base called Camp Cable during the Second World War. Although the birds have been ever present, Yarrabilba’s trilling song seemingly fell to muted tones for several decades until 2011 when development began for a new urban precinct.

Yarrabilba is now being showcased as the ideal suburb for families desiring a better, more relaxed quality of life. Thanks to the charming hills and plains, Yarrabilba house builders have no trouble constructing homes that complement the natural beauty of the area. As more and more neighbourhoods come to life, Yarrabilba will quickly be known as the idyllic community for the modern family.

About equidistant to both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Yarrabilba provides a very convenient residence for those working in the cities. This way, residents can enjoy a quick and easy commute while also taking advantage of the less busy, more wholesome, and definitely more affordable suburban community.

While an ideal residential base for those working in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, Yarrabilba also includes a Town Centre and a business park in its plans. This means some residents can get to work in but a few minutes driving from their home. Even better, high speed Internet access will also allow other residents to simply telecommute. Yarrabilba house builders can easily give the assurance that the community was designed to be very much sustainable, which definitely shows the mark of careful and insightful planning.

As for the question of educational institutions for the children, plans include 11 schools besides other childcare centres. Recreation is taken care of with provisions for athletic centres, jogging and biking trails, nature parks, playgrounds, etc. With the weather remaining mild pretty much throughout the entire year, it all sounds so ideal, and developers have no trouble marketing this location as the South East’s new hot address. As the place pulses with new vigour, Yarrabilba’s song is undoubtedly sounding sweetly once again.

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