London Has Many Types of Serviced Apartments Suiting All Budgets

Those visiting London for a short time will need a place which is home like so as not to make the visitor out of place. Renting an apartment in London is the right solution for it. Serviced apartments in London have already become the one stop solution for business as well leisure travellers as they get better cost efficiency and a home like environment.

Home for All

The concept of service apartments is very flexible and adapts new situations very fast. They were initially created for corporate employees who used to travel for longer duration, separated from families. For them serviced apartments were ideal in giving a complete home like environment. Not only that, the companies found putting up staff in a serviced apartment far more cost effective than staying in hotels.

Many other factors later contributed to its evolution in attracting multiple sections of clientele. The economic slowdown in the past couple of years worked to the advantage of serviced apartments.

As a result their numbers increased and service also shot up. Evolving fast service apartments started endearing to more user segments such as tourists, business travellers, foreign travellers , guests for parties, visits for medical care etc. who all want to stay in serviced apartments, even if the stay meant a few days because apartment hotels made them more informal and secure.

Cost Advantage

The attraction of cost is a very important factor in the appeal of serviced apartments. They are also self catering apartments, where the guest can cook his own meal as the apartment provides a well equipped kitchen with all the wares for cooking deliciously.

As the choice of serviced apartments increased in all metro cities even the tariff ranges are available for every type of customer from 3 stars to 5 star hotel range.

Major Types

In general serviced apartments can be classified into three types:

  • Stand-alone developments: these are like executive condominiums or private residential apartments run exclusively as serviced apartments. These stand-alone apartments carry all basic facilities such as receptionist assistance, maid service, swimming pools, gymnasium, Jacuzzi and security.
  • Mix-use developments: This type of apartments will have a component of retailing such as a shopping mall and the apartments will share space in the mall. The tenants get self-contained space to live and shop.
  • Apart Hotels: Apart hotels are a kind of integration achieved by combining an apartment with a service model of a hotel. Sometimes, the serviced apartments are separated from the hotel via a separate wing of the hotel or designed floors as serviced apartments. Here tenants can utilize services such as the health club, spa, restaurants and other facilities.

The rental charges in a serviced apartment vary from property to property. Size and reputation are the factors that reflect the rental of the room. Generally serviced apartments are located in the best of the neighbourhoods.

Peace and Privacy

There is always enough breathing space in a serviced apartment. Some 30 percent excess spaces will be there in a serviced apartment Vis a Vis an average hotel room. The added space helps in baking, strolling, working out or whatever you do back at home. Holding meetings in the living area of a serviced apartment can get some serious work done.

Unlike hotels you need not worry about internet connection dropping out in the middle of an important presentation. In serviced apartments free wireless internet is a norm and a visitor has no need to lug a piece of work to a nearby café. Rather, he can work just as he was doing at home.

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