JDL Strategies Shares Its Top City Pick For Properties And Business Investments This 2014


In the first few weeks of 2014, there were certain noticeable trends that seemed to arise and were predicted to come true and grow in the coming months. More specifically, in the areas of business, properties and real estate, prominent financial planning and management specialist firm JDL Strategies predicts that Brisbane will be stronger and may even become the top property and investment market in Australia this year. Brisbane is also expected to have a solid economic growth in 2014, thanks to its many rich resources.

The predicted investment boom in Brisbane is based chiefly on the tight supply and growing demand trend here, with investors and other entrepreneurs continuing to move to Brisbane from other states.

This news should not come as a big surprise. The economy of Brisbane accounts for nearly half of the economy of Queensland. It has also always been a popular, attractive and smart destination for many business investors. London Financial Times magazine even acknowledged and listed Brisbane as “one of the top ten Asian cities of the future.”

Investors can rarely go wrong with putting up their ventures or businesses here. With a total population of more than 3 million people and being the capital city of Queensland, businesses will certainly receive their fair share of the market.

In terms of the property market, prices and interest rates are still expected to continuously rise. And if you are looking into investing in properties this year, shift your focus to Perth and, of course, Brisbane. An additional fact worth knowing about properties in Brisbane is that there is a large price difference among properties here compared to the ones located in southern cities. A study shows that the average house price in Brisbane is $445,000 while in Sydney it is between $665,000 and $712,000 — a staggering difference can be seen indeed.

The current trend shows that some of the areas that are on the rise and becoming popular for property owners and investors now are the following:

  • Brisbane South region, which boasts of great infrastructures and is conveniently located between the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD) and the Gold Coast;
  • Brisbane North region, with its consistent population and economic growth. The region also provides residents easy access to both the Brisbane airport and the Sunshine Coast and is a major public transportation hub for trains and buses;
  • And Brisbane West region, which is presently undertaking major infrastructure improvements to meet the demands of its population and economic growth. Mining is also a booming industry here so business and property investors are predicted to flock here this year.

And if you are also interested in or looking forward to investing in Brisbane, JDL Strategies can help you start on your way.

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