How To Rent Apartment – Dubai Expats’ Tip Sheet

Dubai apartments

Once you have accepted a job posting in Dubai, one of the important tasks that you immediately need to tick off your to-do list is to find a suitable residence. When looking to rent apartment, Dubai expats factor in price and location as the top considerations. But apart from these, here are a few important factors you ought to consider in apartment hunting.

1. Among the most popular areas in Dubai are the Marina, Palm, Downtown, Tecom, Greens, Al Barsha, Bur Dubai, Jumeirah, Mirdiff and JBR. Apart from proximity to your workplace, check for other important factors like price and proximity to vital facilities like shops, restaurants and hospitals. If you have kids, you might want to opt for one located near a good school.

2. In Dubai, landlords are mandated to give tenants a fixed one-year contract. Additionally, landlords are now required to offer the same terms to their tenants upon the expiry of last year’s contract. However, specific inclusions and clauses in the contract may override this mandate.

3. Do remember that you cannot rent an apartment without a valid residence visa. If your residence visa is still under process, you can still rent an apartment if you provide the landlord with a letter coming from your company telling him that your residence visa is being processed. Should you fail to get a residence visa, your landlord is not legally obliged to return any money deposited toward the rent of an apartment.

4. In general, lease periods allow for grace periods. During this grace period, you are obliged to notify your landlord whether you are staying or you are moving out of the apartment unit. Otherwise, if you fail to duly notify the landlord, it is assumed that you are proceeding to stay and you are legally bound to the contract.

5. Checks should only be made payable to the legal owner of a unit. The best ways to do this is by either having a look at the rental contract or at a copy of the title.

6. When working with a real estate agent, make sure that he is duly registered with RERA. In Dubai, it is illegal to work as a real estate agent without registering with RERA. Do take note that in Dubai, it is fairly usual for several agents to handle the same apartment unit. As such, talk with just one agent. Also, be sure to schedule viewing well in advance and follow up on this meeting a few days prior to prevent mishaps like closed apartment units or agents failing to show up.

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