Harnessing Storage to Better Stage your Home


House sales are stressful for both buyers and sellers, so doing anything to reduce the stress on either side has got to be a good thing. For sellers, much of the stress comes from permanently having to keep the home clean and tidy ready for inspection. Many sellers assume that simply having a clean and tidy home will be enough to clinch the deal, but in a competitive market this is only the starting point.

Home staging is something that many of us wrongly assume belongs only in the world of interior designers and professional property developers. It’s something that is a little mysterious, and because of this we assume it’s difficult to achieve. In truth, it’s neither mysterious nor difficult.

Less is More

It’ll come as no surprise to hear that the very first step involves decluttering. This doesn’t necessarily mean throwing items away, it simply means removing them from view to create a more streamlined appearance. This has the happy knock-on effect of making the house seem bigger. Most of us don’t have additional space where we can store unused items, so it’s in this area that a self storage unit is a boon.

Professional home stagers can remove up to 50% of the contents, but you don’t need to go that far. All that’s needed is an objective eye so you can decide which items you can live without for a while.

Go through each room in the house one by one and pack away everything that you don’t use on a regular basis.

Common danger areas

One of the worst danger areas is the kitchen. Many of us have appliances which we never use, and which if they were put into self storage would help to create the clean countertops that buyers like to see.

Living rooms are another danger area, where most of us tend to have too many knickknacks and ornaments which create a cluttered atmosphere. Choose a few favourite items that compliment each other, and put the rest into self storage.

Kids bedrooms are the third danger area. Unused or broken toys should be gathered up and either disposed of or packed away.

It’s best if you undertake this process by going room to room, finishing one room before embarking on the next. Pack the things you don’t need, but want to keep, in cardboard boxes, and clearly label each box with which room it belongs to and what’s inside before you seal the top.

Once you’ve removed the items you don’t use regularly, the ones that are left are more easily arranged decoratively, helping you show your house to best advantage.

Top benefits of self storage

Most towns have local self storage companies where you can rent rooms of various sizes. If you only have a few items to store, a small room will suit your purposes, but there are larger rooms where you can store furnishings, white goods, gardening equipment, bicycles… in fact all kinds of items which are not used regularly but which clutter up the home and make it seem smaller.

Being local, self storage units are also easily accessible. If you decide you need an item which you have put into storage, it’s a quick and simple matter to retrieve it. Opening hours are user-friendly with many companies opening seven days a week and staying opened beyond office hours.

Short rental terms make storage units perfect for house sellers. Providing the storage company has rooms available, you can sign up and move in on the same day. There is also no long term commitment, with rentals available by the week and only one week’s notice needed to give up the room. So whether your house sale goes through quickly or it drags on for a while, self storage gives you the flexibility you need.

Having somewhere safe to keep the items you’re not using makes home staging a simple matter. And as an added benefit, having fewer items to dust will make keeping the house clean and tidy that much easier too.

Drew writes for Big Yellow Self Storage. For more information on the moving process, see their Removals Tips.

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