Furnishing Small Rooms to Appeal to New Tenants

small room furnished

Decorating small spaces within your rental property can be tricky, there are all sorts of things to consider. You’ll want your interior to appeal to all who live there.

Equal sized and spacious rooms are in the mind-set of any tenant, a demand not all landlords can provide. So a small room is sure to put people off, right? No, is the answer. Getting your decoration right is the key, especially clever use of storage.

Preparing for Now and the Future

As a landlord, you probably don’t allow any drastic changes to be made to your property once furnished and let, so getting the décor right is imperative. If you are, however, a landlord that is happy to allow rooms to be repainted or slightly altered, creating a basic foundation is still on the agenda.

Even if you’re stuck on what decorating methods to use when furnishing a small room, these simple ideas are a great way to add personality to your tiny space to increase interest for potential tenants.

Firstly, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Light colours enhance the feeling of space, while darker colours tend to close the room in; lighten up your walls and furniture.

  • Ditch the king-size (or anything bigger!) bed and use space-saving furniture. Storage is key, so under-bed storage frames or containers can aid with freeing up space.

  • The use of mirrors can help visually expand a room and reflect light.

You’re Only as Good as Your Plan (Your Room That Is!)

Planning for the room’s layout is vital. A small space doesn’t mean you have to be cramped. Always start by planning your room-expanding tricks to help you maximize your square footage.

If you’re a bit limited for space, shoving furniture against the wall doesn’t promise a larger room. Try angling your furniture. Breathing room around your furniture advances the appearance of additional space.

Light, Airy and Open

Dark colours are certainly design-friendly, but they can contribute to making a room look small.

Sticking to soft pastel colours such as white, cream, pale greys and blues help to keep it light, airy and most importantly, open.

If you’re planning on decorating with a mind on the next few years , using light neutral colours not only helps make a small room look bigger, but offers a clean pallet for any tenant, especially if your property is unfurnished.

Multifunctional Furniture is Fundamental

If your property is rented furnished, investing in furniture that assists many functions is a modest, yet fantastic way to reorganise a room.

Built in wardrobes, drawers and cupboards offer useable functionality and a place to hide units such as washing machines and refrigerators. Quirky focal points such as a vintage suitcase or an ottoman that also serves as storage to hide away throws and books for a minimal look. Storage furniture can be a key selling point for any prospective tenant.

Under bed storage is another great tactic to utilise limited space. Particularly if there is no room for drawers elsewhere clothes, bedding and shoes can be stored under a bed in drawers made to fit snugly beneath the bed.

Trick of the Trade: Mirrors

Assuming your rooms don’t possess soaring ceilings and enormous windows, a well-positioned mirror can be an incredible touch to a small space.

Expanding rooms and magnifying light, mirrors can be used to unravel any small space dilemma. Mirrors are one of the quickest way to make a room appear larger.

Ceiling-to-floor mirrors are very effective if placed well. You could also try leaning a gigantic full-length mirror against a feature wall or create a statement wall by hanging odd sizes together as a collective.

Think Small

Selecting the right sized furniture can really impact a little space. Dining tables that are small or that can fold away are a great choice. Furniture that can effortlessly become smaller when not in use is ideal for small areas.

This will allow tenants to make the most of the space available if the room has a multifunctional purpose, which is highly appealing to many home seekers.

Skip oversized sofas with huge arms as these types of seating can waste floor space. Pick a streamlined style chair, like bucket chairs twinned with a small two seater sofa. Less arm space can also mean more seating. In fact, an armless sofa or a corner seat is an incredible space-saving seating solution.

What More Can You Do?

Other areas that you can work to furnish that add more value to your small room include:

  • Letting the light in; limit the use of window dressings

  • Have pieces made to measure; custom furniture like fitted wardrobes can add extra value

  • All white walls is usually a failsafe space enhancer

Don’t forget about style. For example, Leather tub chairs offer smaller seating options with the classy appearance that leather brings.

Whatever you do, remember that the main focus is on a prospective tenant so appealing to them is a must. Whether it’s a current trend or a classic look, décor and space could be the difference between a rented property and an empty one.

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