Four Buying Secrets from Professional Home Buyers

Four Buying Secrets from Professional Home Buyers

There’s something of an art to the successful buying of property. It’s a skilful mix of sound market knowledge and subtle people skills, knowing when to make a move and when to hang back. Given the coupling of the emotive value of houses with their high monetary value, it’s hardly surprising that property negotiation is more complex than a standard exchange of goods for money. Here are some things to bear in mind when you’re buying a house:

Buying Off-Plan

If exciting new developments have tempted you to take a closer look at buying off-plan, being aware of the pitfalls and how to safeguard yourself is key to a successful purchase. Don’t assume that because the property market is buoyant right now, it will stay that way. Whilst property is a good investment, prices in the short term can dip as easily and quickly as they can rise. One way of protecting yourself against future price dips is to build some leeway into the final price on completion. Because completion may be some distance in the future when you’re buying off-plan, agreeing to a fixed price may leave you with a financial shortfall if your mortgager will only lend on the completed price. Should this be lower than you agreed to at the planning stage, you may need to fund the project from existing equity.

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Location Considerations

Before you can buy with real confidence, you need to know an area inside and out. In general, even the most affluent and highly sought after areas can have their black spots where properties don’t sell as well, or achieve slightly lower prices. Seemingly small things, such as which way the sun shines, can have an effect on the saleability of a property. A shady garden, for instance, won’t appeal to anyone with kids or who wants to hold frequent social gatherings outside. Spend time getting to know your location, or get help from buying professionals who can fill in the gaps in your location knowledge.


All buyers want a bargain, and all sellers want the highest price possible. Gracefully arriving at a happy medium is the art of negotiation. In order to negotiate successfully, bring to bear all your accumulated location knowledge, understanding of property values and current market expectations. Understanding the position of your seller helps too. More motivated sellers are naturally more open to negotiation, whereas sellers who can afford to bide their time will often hold out for a higher price. A little psychology and understanding of human nature can steer you towards the best negotiating position. Regardless of any other considerations, having finances in place and being in a position to move quickly can trump better offers from other buyers.

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Buying Agency Services

When you’re serious about property buying, whether you’re looking for a home or a business investment, a buying agency can shortcut much of the running around that’s associated with house hunting. In addition, their specialised location knowledge and in-depth experience with negotiating the best prices can pin down deals you’d never find, Buying agents are especially helpful if you’re moving into an area you’re unfamiliar with. If you’re buying property from abroad, for instance, and need someone on the spot to locate suitable houses for you, buying agents have extensive networks and work closely with estate agents.

Regardless of where you are in the house hunting process, using some or all of these tips can bring you more joy and less stress.

Drew writes for the Buying Agency Black Brick, based in London.

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