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Home Emergency cover is there for when things go wrong at home that we class as an emergency, they cause unnecessary stress and the cost to fix the damage is usually expensive and it becomes more and more stressful, therefore having this insurance cover is an essential and is becoming more and more popular in the homes of the UK population. This cover is there for when something happens suddenly such as a burst pipe, boiler breakdown and many more aspects and you need it fixing straight away, it provides you with peace of mind knowing that there is a quick fix for you.

Having emergency cover in place for your home will fix situations much quicker, you will be given a number to call by your insurer if something goes wrong and it requires attention straight away. There are appointed tradespeople who work solely with emergency cover clients to help you get your home back to how it was.

If you already have home insurance make sure that you read the small print and see if you already have emergency cover as an added bonus, however most companies do not offer this and you usually have to find the cover yourself and add it to your existing cover. Do not add cover that is unnecessary as you will be paying for a policy that isn’t suited to you, make a list of what you are most worried about going wrong within your home and work from there, if your boiler is very old you should consider cover for this or even replacing it however if you are in a new build with a new boiler this will not be your first priority. It is simple to figure out what you need and what you don’t need.

There is a difference between ordinary home cover and emergency cover, it is important you know what the difference is, the type of emergencies you are more likely to need assistance for are:

  • Gas and Electric Supply Failure
  • Loss of Keys to Your Home
  • Failure of Toilet and Sewage System
  • Plumbing Issues
  • Main Heating System

These are the main situations that cover is usually needed for, as previously mentioned prioritise what you think you will definitely need the cover for and work from there. Policies vary widely when it comes to the claims and costs as some companies will charge for the call out of tradesmen however some do not, and some companies will limit how many claims you make per year. Do your research and you will find the perfect policy to suit your individual needs.

All it takes is one call to the emergency helpline number provided to organise for an approved contractor to make emergency repairs to your home. Ensuring you have the right home emergency cover is essential for your peace of mind.

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