About Us

secondproperty.co.uk started back in 2006 when Atelier Studios, our parent digital agency, launched the site as a directory for services with people with a second property. This was hugely successful in it’s day and we connected over 50,000 businesses to individuals each year.

Over the course of time, directories have become less valuable for users and we realised that our users are still interested in the values of our blog and trust its content, which has become the most popular part of our site.

In 2013 we took the decision to  concentrate on what our users were asking for and turn secondproperty.co.uk into an online magazine containing rich, engaging and useful content.

We are a small team of content editors with a large network of like minded individuals who aim to report, promote and inform our users about the world of property.

Our aim is to publish content not only with up-to-date content, but also with reviews and reports which can be used time and time again. If you have a great article which you think our readers will love to read, why not read our guide lines on submitting an article?

We’re constantly trying to improve our readership. If you have any comments or feedback, we’d love to hear from you. Why not contact us, and let us know your feedback?