5 Ways To Add Value To Your Property If You Didn’t Have To Pay A Real Estate Agent

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Little home improvements go a long way. They can breathe new life into a dull property and make it more valuable. If you have decided to challenge the status quo, don’t just go seeking professional help from a real estate agent like everyone in your friend and family did when they were selling their properties. You can always add value to your home without a real estate agent. If you are enthusiastic enough to take up a DIY value-adding project, be sure to start with these biggest value-adding areas.

1. A Loft Conversion:

According to many recent surveys, an attic conversion has proven to add the most value to your home. People demand and expect another living space, and converting your attic into that extra space to become one’s home office or bedroom can be a great way to do so. Depending on your property’s size, you should be looking to recoup 5%-15% of the investment you made to have it converted.

2. Add Another Bedroom:

It is suggested that adding another bedroom to your property can up its value by 9%-10%. Yes, we are talking about thousands of dollars here. Adding another bedroom will automatically increase your sale price as you have more niches to target. But before you start remodelling, research what is the ceiling value of your house. Every street has one; so, be sure to inquire about the limits.

3. Include An En-Suite Bathroom:

Adding an extra bathroom, especially one that is en-suite to your master bedroom, can change the whole buying and selling game. This isn’t a very costly investment on the seller’s part as they can be adjusted in the existing price, or can maybe even extend it.

4. Get Your Kitchen Upgraded:

There is no denying that the kitchen is the focal point of the house. Everything big or small happens either in the living room or in the kitchen where families enjoy meals. It is also the first thing that a potential buyer looks at when visiting your property. Upgrading it with new cabinets, marbled countertops, and no leaking faucets can add more personality and value to it. Who wouldn’t want a ready-made and well-appointed space, a space they won’t have to invest much in? Research says that it can recoup 6% of your investments.

5. Landscape Your Garden:

Wouldn’t the garden be the first thing you will notice about a property if you were on the other end? Likewise, so do all the buyers. Would you rather have a tidy, well-maintained, and attractive-looking garden welcome you or have one with scattered leaves and dead plants? There, you have the answer to why landscaping your garden adds value to your place.
Not only will it add value, it will also make your property more sellable.

What More Can You Do?

Other areas that you can work upon that add more value to your house include:

  1. Getting lighting and plumbing fixtures
  2. Investing in your flooring
  3. Getting the walls painted
  4. Investing in structural issues
  5. Replacing windows

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